In Loving Memory

Tevin Sapp

 23 year-old  Tevin Sapp was killed in a shooting on Thatcher Avenue Monday October 30, 2017 in broad daylight.

Sandra Lynn Jackson Soles

Sandy, also called by her family and friends as "Trixie", was murdered in Buffalo, New York. Her body was found behind Bennett High School on Jan. 23, 1992

Johnnie Davis

Mother's name is Shirley Davis. Father is Lamont Davis. He was murdered at 303 Koons Ave in Buffalo, NY, case still unsolved.


Michael A. Herrera

Murdered on 4/12/2017 on Strauss St., Buffalo, NY

Steven Northrup

Murdered on 4/29/2009

William J. Weddington

Murdered on June 5, 2017


DeVonte Murray

09/07/2007, innocent victim killed by stray bullets as he was entering a store that was being robbed.

Calvin L. Williams, JR. "BIGGUMS"

06/15/1991 - 06/12/2017

          Shot in Buffalo, NY. Case unsolved

Lonnice Willis, 29

 08/08/2013 (Cased solved)
She left behind 3 children ages 2 to 10 at that time in 2013.



Leon Nelson

Was murdered on May St. in Buffalo on July 31, 2017

Roy Douglas White

Killed 34 Years ago

Charles Williams Binxs Netherland

Birthday is January 20th 1987 was murdered August 18th 2012